Handmade jewellery has been the latest trend to overtake the fashion industry lately. In many ways, handmade jewellery lends an authentic and unique taste with each item produced in the manner. Makevana happens to be the trending spot for the perfect handmade jewellery accessories that can be found on the internet. Below are some unique facts about handmade jewellery that certainly did not know about:

  1. Produced without use of mass machinery: Handmade jewellery is literally created and crafted by artisans with the use of their skills and tools that does not bring any machinery of mass production in use. This is why every single handmade products are unique and possess a distinctive definition.

Take a look at  for instance. The true handmade nature of this necklace reflects the sanctity of the artist who made this.

  1. True devotion of time: As every piece of handmade jewellery is uniquely crafted by an artist, it takes a commendable amount of time and effort to give the perfect finishing to every product, the result of which, becomes acutely comprehensible in every detail of a handmade product.
  2. A unique process: Every artisan who creates and crafts a handmade product, does so by compiling his skills and ideas with a unique crafting method that is reflected in the end product. Every handmade product is perhaps the purest and most supple revelation of a crafter’s imagination and the zenith of his visualisation. There is a reason for every curve and line that goes into the design of the handmade product. Take a look at this vintage metal necklace at  The amount of effort that the creator of this neckpiece has put in, can be clearly distinguished with the design and make of the neck piece. The choice of colours that have been used to craft this necklace is another indication of the unique choice of the creator.
  3. Quality and sustainability: By nature, handmade products command another edge over their mass produced counterparts in markets. Every artisan who creates a handmade product, makes every attempt to source his supplies and raw materials from authentic sources, giving weightage to its quality over the price. Thus, every handmade piece is duly sturdy and durable, adding to the value of the product.
  4. Made with all the love: Whether you feel it or not, every handmade product carries a hint of love from the crafter of the product. After all, he puts all his hard work and effort into making of that product! some  unique handmade collection of jewellery is a classic example of a handmade product that displays the love and effort with which products are crafted!

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