Semi-Transparent Wedding Dresses – Basic Features

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Now, wedding designers periodically present semi-transparent wedding dresses that combine both classical and revealing elements.

It is a mistake to assume that semi-transparent wedding dresses are suitable only for the podium, because the variety of models allows you to choose an option that is suitable even for a wedding in the church. Also, many people think that dresses with translucent details are suitable only for young girls with ideal shapes. However, in modern salons there are many different options, from which you can choose a model for your type of appearance and figure. For example, a model with chiffon sleeves and décolleté cannot be attributed to revealing dresses. It is suitable for women of any age.


Types of Semi-Transparent Wedding Dresses

  1. Wedding dresses with semi-transparent neckline. Such models help to make the décolleté line more modest, even in case of very large cutout. Lace fabric will give austerity and elegance to the image of the bride. Flesh-colored tulle with lace elements will create the image of a romantic and gentle girl.
  2. Wedding dresses with semi-transparent sleeves. In modern wedding fashion, semi-transparent sleeves are very popular. They combine flesh-colored tulle with lace details. Thus, the effect of lace ornaments on the arms of the bride is created. This model has a prototype – wedding dress of Grace Kelly. This style has sleeves and a line of a decollate that are made of lace. Also, these dresses are great for a winter wedding.
  3. Wedding dresses with semi-transparent back. Dresses with semi-transparent back look very feminine and romantic. Modest brides can choose dresses with the back created entirely from lace, while bold girls can wear a dress with a back made ofchiffon. But the model made of transparent fabric and decorated with lacy elements, pastes or pearls, will suit any girl.
  4. Wedding dresses with semi-transparent top. Such dresses may seem too revealing to many girls, because the whole upper part is made of chiffon and lace. However, it is enough to wear flesh-color underwear under the dress, and the outfit will immediately look more modest. These dresses are perfect for summer weddings.
  5. Wedding dresses with semi-transparent skirt. This outfit will suit girls who love short gowns. A long translucent skirt will add modesty and femininity to the image of the bride. You can choose a one-piece dress with a lace skirt. You also can wear a dress-transformer, and detach the skirt after the official ceremony, remaining in a short outfit.

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