The Fun Things to Do at Senaru Waterfalls at Lombok

Senaru Waterfalls at Lombok can be defined as one of the best destinations that you have to visit especially if you really want to have the unforgettable experiences from your holiday time. These particular waterfalls will definitely be able the awesome places where you can see the fabulous and beautiful views. So then, it is no wonder if you drop your jaw once you have witnessed the great nature there. Aside of that, they can also the excellent destination for having fun as well. Then, do you really want to know what the fun things you do at the waterfalls in Senaru are? If you do, you better keep reading below.

Well, you can find the fun side of Senaru Waterfalls at Lombok by doing these several things, which are like:

  • Record the beauty nature of the waterfalls

The first of many fun things that you can do around the waterfalls in Senaru, Lombok, is recording the beautiful natural views of the tourism object. In this case, you can use your handy camera, photo camera, or your mobile phone to catch the scenery. The greeneries and the falling water can be the great pictures you can take. Even better, they can be the perfect background for your momentous photos for sure. So then, all you have to do is just to pose as cool as you can on the best spots around the waterfalls. Nevertheless, it is so much important for you to be careful while you are having pictures at this place. So, you can collect fabulous images without hurting yourself or anybody else.

  • Feel the fresh atmosphere

Moreover, the second thing that you can do when you are at the Senaru Waterfalls is feeling the fresh atmosphere there. As it is located in the forest, it is actually no wonder if you can enjoy the clean air that can make you get calm and relaxed at once. Not only that, this kind of atmosphere can also refresh your mind and soul as well. So, you will definitely be able get away from any stress, pressure, and any boring things that you have got during your busy days.

  • Get around with the lovely ones

Furthermore, you can spend your spare time with the lovely ones at the waterfalls in Senaru. It will always be a great idea for you to do a simple picnic and make some jokes with your family or closest friends mainly when you are having a holiday. Besides, there are so many facilities that can make this activity more fun to do, such as restaurants, gazebos, food stall, and so on. All of them will increase the excitement of your holiday somehow.

In conclusion, those are some of the fun things that you can do when you visit Senaru Waterfalls at Lombok. All of them will definitely make you get the distinctive happy feelings that desire. So, you will always want to come back to Senaru Village again and again every time you have leisure time.

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